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Latest blog post 

It's official/launched/open/born!

Hinemoana Baker

It's all go.

And already the donations are rolling in - you fullas are amazing.

Click here to watch my 'Boosted' video and help me write my new book

Thank you so much to 'Anonymous' and 'Sian Torrington' who kicked it all off. Got quite tearful when I logged on this morning to find that we were already at $600 and the campaign hadn't even officially launched. 

And as I write, it's been up for about four hours and I'm already nearly a third of the way there. It's humbling. Thank you all so much.

So yes. Please visit my page at the wonderful 'Boosted' website, and watch the video (make sure you shade your eyes from the searing glare of the bow tie sequins) and if you can, press the 'donate' button. Any small amount helps - seriously. All donations are tax deductible. This page explains all the things that 'Boosted' offers to donors.

Meantime, I owe a 'beverage of your choice' to the following people who correctly translated That Crazy Subtitle!

  • Alayna 'Step Aside I Got This' Ashby
  • Kate 'Outta My Way I'm a Communications Professional' Camp
  • Linda 'That Was Easy Next Question' Watling
  • Helen 'Ask Me Something Hard Next Time' Lehndorf
  • Marty 'By Day a Mild-Mannered English Teacher' Smith
  • Greta 'This Is Not Even My First Language But I Smashed It Anyway' Dalle Luche

The correct words that I was actually really saying were:

     Can't get enough of them speech bubbles

Lastly, my apologies to Angela Boyd whose job title I completely cocked up last time I blogged/emailed/spammed you all - she is an editor as well as an archival researcher, an a film-maker in her own right. And I for one think she's done a bloody superb job with this video. Massive mihi to you, Ange.

Thanks to all of you for your tautoko. Mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere :-)

Aroha nui