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Last Thursday night, with a week still to run of the campaign, we *smashed* my target of $15,000.

I am, as the young people say nowadays (or at least they would if they were as hip as me), super stoked.

I want to thank every one of you (currently) 238 TOP QUALITY HUMAN BEINGS. Actually, there's more than that - some of you have donated directly to my bank account, so thank you fullas, too!


As well as actually donating to the campaign, so many of you have:

- Told your friends about this project even when it meant a vaguely fake change of subject in the conversation and maybe some pretty awkward silence

- Sent your mates slightly spammy emails telling them I am a worthwhile cause, even though there are hundreds of those out there

- Blackmailed your relatives (who may also be my relatives) into donating with horrifying tales of how awkward it'll be otherwise at the next whānau reunion

- Shared my campaign on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs and/or mail-outs

- Given me invaluable advice about how to run this bugger, especially in the early and final stages, and actually every stage in between, because I really had no idea what I was doing

- Promised to feed me morning, afternoon and evening meals for an indefinite period of time if the campaign didn't work out

- Sent me beautiful poems and emails in response to these newsletters, some of which I still haven't answered but please bear with me

Sent me koha to help me through February, which was the month in between my residency and this Boosted campaign finishing

- Checked the Boosted website, sometimes several times and day, and sent me excited texts and messages as the total began to climb

- Shouted me lunch/coffee/dinner/movies just cos you're awesome

One of you, who shall remain nameless but he knows who he is *cough*Andrew Dalziel has just spent his weekend putting a whole bunch more memory in my ancient laptop so it wouldn't fall over dead before I got a chance to send you this thank you email.

And of course one of you *cough* Angela Boyd made it all possible right from the start by spending her weekend, and a good deal of time after that, making my Boosted video. From the initial 'what the hell am I doing here Ange help me' conversations, to the lugging of gear up Kelburn stairways. Then, of course, the actual filming, the polite eating of the very average catering I provided on set, and finally her sterling editing work of what was, I have to say, quite a lot of very silly footage of me stumbling my way through a non-script while trying to be coherent and wearing a spangly bow tie.

So what I'm trying to say, in a nutshell, is:

'My strength is not the strength of one, but the strength of many.' And wow, a reo-talking hibiscus.


What does this success mean for me and my writing?

With this support on board, I will be able to work full-time writing my new book 'Dear Mother Basillise' for six months. I'm not sure I can properly communicate what it means to me - to any artist, in fact - to have this kind of time to spend focussed entirely on one important project, knowing all the bills will be paid. It's not only a massive vote of confidence in my talent and abilities, but also a huge weight of anxiety off the creative process.

I will be seeking other sources of funding to enable me to write for another six months when this first period is over - in total that's a year, and that's what I reckon I'll need to take this manuscript to the point of submission to a publisher.

I want to thank all of you, once again, who helped spread the word and/or bunged me some actual bucks. And furthermore, I want to thank Simon Bowden at the NZ Arts Foundation and all the amazing staff at Boosted for their energy, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Especially you, Bryna!

And lastly, I thank Brett and Jemaine of Flight of the Conchords, who I'm pretty sure coined the word motherflippers, a word I have been overusing ever since.


The future

I will keep people periodically up to date with progress on the book via my Facebook page, my Twitter feed and my website newsletter. So if you know of anyone else who could be interested in that kind of occasional burst of hilarious behind-the-scenes neurosis, please feel free to give them this link to sign up to receive my newsletter:

Sign up for my newsletter, motherflippers :-)



There's still time...(well, as I write this, one more day)

If you are some kind of amazing mega-fan (bless you) and/or you haven't donated yet and you really want to, the page will be open for another two days, and anything you want to give will be very much appreciated. Minimum donation $5.

And now only another 31 donors to break the Boosted record of 269!!

Just saying :-)

Take care, lovely folks. I promise not to use any more speech bubbles on photos in any future correspondence.


Aroha nui



PS: This is it - the very last cute baby pic I have. Just as well the campaign's coming to an end. Phew. Older sister in support in this one. Sponsored by Para.