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i can see fiji


Producer Hinemoana Baker writes of 'I Can See Fiji": 'It has been a wonderful privilege collaborating with poet Teresia Teaiwa on this album. Teresia (US/Kiribati/Fiji) on this album. Teresia is an established and respected print poet, scholar and writer, and someone whose work I admired long before she approached me to produce an audio version of her poetry. 

'What you see and hear on this album began life in a very different form. Three years ago, after a few preliminary discussions, Teresia delivered 12 chosen poems that she wanted produced in audio. She’d been writing quite a bit, she said, about walking: both the physical act, and what it represents for a migrant like herself. She had an epigraph in mind – comedian Eteuati Ete’s joke ‘I’m not a pedestrian. I’m a Samoan.’ She also had a working title: ‘Poems from Pedestria’.

'Teresia told me she wanted to use the project to break out of the literal - to take herself and her work into new, perhaps more abstract territory.  So we resolved to try and create a kind of theatre for the ear - making decisions about what the audience would 'see' first, and what would be slowly revealed.

'It’s not often a producer is given so much freedom with the sound design of any album – I’m very grateful to Teresia for giving me this opportunity. I think of the result, ‘i can see fiji’, as a docu-story, a poem-entary, even as an old-fashioned radio drama. Basically it’s a story – to some extent Teresia’s story - told with words and sound. There’s poetry, for sure, but not as we know it.'  


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Listen to 'I Can See Fiji' and '4.30 in the Morning' on Teresia's myspace page



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