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Outspoken Festival, Wanaka, 13 Feb - 28 Mar 2015

      Photo courtesy of Te Ara / Encyclopedia of New Zealand


I'm really excited to be travelling to Wanaka (for the first time!) to take part in the Outspoken Festival.

The festival runs over five consecutive weekends, starting 13 February. I'll be facilitating a workshop on the morning of Sunday 22 February 10am-1pm), and then performing a mix of poems and songs later that night (7.30pm). There are lots of really impressive performers here - stand up comics, poets and storytellers:

Some national names you might recognise: iconic Kiwi entertainers Gary McCormick and Olly Ohlson, Billy T Awards winners and nominees Rose Matafeo, Tim Batt, James Nokise and Pax Assadi; Wordsmiths Brian Turner and Owen Marshall, muso poet Hinemoana Baker...  Marina Alefosio who got a standing ovation last year is back with other South Auckland Poets Collective and the Rising Voices of Waxed Poetic Collective.
Come join me in Wanaka - The Capital of the Word :-)